Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Christina Yi-Truck Show Event | NYC

Read more as I talk about my experience at her event and for exclusive interview with her intern and Christina Yi herself !! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Come with me to the Thrift store!

Hello haul Lovers! As you all may know, saving a few dollars in the bank is what I'm all about! – Especially if its for my Fashionable 'habits'.  I have been going to thrift stores for years now and there's nothing wrong with having to work with what you got!

As a Fashion student living in The Big Apple, keeping up with my style budget and upcoming trends, its important to save some money! 

*Click on the read more button below for more photos and details on my day in the thrift store ! * 

Happy Savings !

Monday, June 2, 2014

Y e l l o w Love

Had a nice weekend? :) Today I'm going to go shopping with my mother & my sister. She is visiting NYC and would love to just walk around and enjoy the weather! Let's see what the city has to offer :)

I think that the skort is a very practical yet chic garment. It can be casual or dressy, Its very multifunctional :) I just fell for this black one right away with its asymmetric length and multi use for it. And my mustard/yellow shirt as the pop of color yet very settle... just the perfect fit!  *Click the read more button for more photos and details ! *
Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Day of June !

I can officially say that it has been the longest I have ever gone without blogging since I first started  3 years ago. It was completely unintentional, but I guess it was much needed. As most of you know i opened my very own online store – that will soon grow into something much larger in the future. I've been so caught up with my store that I had let go of what meant the most to me... Blogging and of course YouTubing. 
Although i’ve been itching to update you guys with not only my new endeavors I want to just enjoy some "Street style" post and enjoy being back. ❤️
Happy First Day Of June
–Stephanie Rose

Friday, May 30, 2014


Finding the perfect bathing suit can be a challenge for anyone, but it might seem near impossible when you can't find a top in your cup size. All too often, we give up the search for perfection and settle on hiding our curves under not-so-attractive, minimizing wet suits. Or, even worse, we decide to skip the summer fun all together. But, there are bathing suits out there that flatter every shape and size — yes, even yours. 
After doing research on what tops and bottoms fit right on different women (Including myself ) I decided to help others and share my thoughts and opinions. I separated this topic into 5 different categories. 
1- Small Boobs 
2- Flat Butt
3- Full Bust
4- Curvy hips & thighs
5- Curvy All Over.
In my most recent youtube video, I described more in depth on what works — and what doesn't. However, here are some more ways to help give you that vivid picture. I hope you do enjoy this article. If you have any more questions feel free to comment here, on my youtube video, or even my ask.fm/stephanierose711 Yes, you can ask me Anonymously. 
xoxo Stephanie Rose